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Numbers say it all. Globally, progress in the wind sector continues to be strong with increasing annual installed capacity and growing investment in the sector. In 2015 alone, 63,013 megawatts of wind power capacity was installed globally, an annual market growth of 22 percent. It is continuing its progress towards becoming a mainstream competitive.


One of the most common additions people make to their cars in order to keep the heat out is a windshield visor. Cars become warm in the summer because direct sunlight enters in through the windows. This is why we park in the shade whenever we can. Since the largest windshield.


To help customers block out even more of the sun, consider offering window-tinting services. Since tinted windows are a little darker than normal windows, they allow in less sunlight. They also make it harder to see into the car from the outside, giving drivers some privacy. Keep in mind that some areas have laws against - how dark tinted windows.

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Thomas Edison may have been behind the invention of the electric light bulb, but he did not work alone. Edison worked alongside partners, both financial and commercial, to get his inventions off the ground, and without these partnerships, the light bulb as we know it today may never have taken. off in the way that it did—and he’s not the only one. Some of the world's most effective.

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